Quote Of The Week – Gun Control

by MugaSofer

Despite the name, this isn’t actually going to be a weekly thing. I’m going to post things under “Quote Of The Week” when and if I find new quotes.

With that said, here’s the first Quote Of The Week, by someone I know in RL and who, naturally, is amazing and witty and so on:

Gun nuts are fond of saying “but criminals will still get guns if we ban them and innocent people will be defenceless!”. The problem is, “criminals” aren’t some sort of separate group of dastardly-deed-doers who meet in shady alleys and cackle a lot. They are often people like you or me who either do stupid things or snap and start shooting. If this often-used argument were true, the US would have a similar or lower gun-homicide rate than most other developed countries, right?

— “Sheep” [Source] [His new site]