hello, world!

by MugaSofer

Well, I finally got myself a blog. I registered this while at Taizé (look it up, you have internet), where I had both a notebook and lots of free time, so I’ll type up some of my handwritten musings and post them here. [EDIT: I have since lost the notebook] ’till I get around to doing that, this site will continue to look like the placeholder I’m using it as.

(Incidentally, I’m writing this using the browser on my Ninetendo™ DSi XL, which is surprisingly effective. (I give the full title to distinguish from the new 3DS.))

I assume you come from the future, and this is an archive, since I have yet to mention this blog to anyone. Good for you, not enough people read archives like this. Well, archive’s over, this is my first post. Hence the name.